Morningstar’s Clever K-9s and Holther Border Collies present...

The talented Mark Muir of Georgia Irish Disc Dogs featuring Rocket, Gipper, Irish and Thunder, and home of 4 time World Champion Disc Dog Winners and 3 time World Champion Runners Up. Mark and his dogs have performed NFL halftime shows, competed at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and made numerous other TV and  media appearances.  For more info about Mark and his dogs please go to

Mark's seminars are all about having fun with your dog and strengthening the bond between you and your best friend while learning the skills to play disc.  His seminar includes teaching the skills that you need for beginning disc dog and more advanced disc dog, various throwing techniques, safety in the sport, fun disc tricks, toss and fetch, competition skills, freestyle, and a question/answer session about the sport.  Mark will show us some of the skills that have taken him to the top of the Disc Dog world. Watch out for some high flyin' dogs!
And if we have enough time, we may even have a little mini disc dog competition!

Seminar Information (Rain or shine!)  Choose your day or come to both.

Friday, November 4th  12:30p-5:30p.  Location:  Holther Border Collie’s farm near Newington, GA (near Springfield).  This is for more advanced disc skills and/or private lessons of any level or smaller groups for those who cannot make it on Saturday or who maybe live closer to the Statesboro or Springfield area.  This day will be catered to the skill level of those signing up.

Saturday, November 5th  9:30a-3:30p. Location: Morningstar’s Clever K-9’s in Ridgeland, SC (conveniently located a mile from I-95). This will be a longer session and beneficial for novice & advanced skills.  We will take a break for lunch - many places to choose from or we can order sandwiches ahead for delivery.

Cost is $40 per person which includes instruction, a disc and light refreshments. A limited number of working spots are available so please send payment to hold your spot. Checks will not be cashed until after the seminar.
For more info and where to send payment, email